Quilt Background

All of our quilting is done on an APQS Millenium Long Arm machine. We specialize in using a Compuquilter computer to deliver precision quilting. Using this system, we can custom design your quilt from patterns in your material or sew one-of-a-kind designs in your quilt blocks.

Edge-to-Edge is a style of quilting in which one horizontal or vertical design is repeated across the entire quilt. This style results in an overall balanced look and is the least expensive quilting option available. Pricing can vary depending on the density (tighter/smaller/complicated patterns) of the design.
Edge-to-edge pattern: $.015 - $.02 per square inch.

If you need help and want to choose from existing patterns, here are some links to sites where we can get patterns for you for no extra charge:

Custom Pantographs
Custom pantographs have a similar result to the Edge-to-Edge technique described above but YOU choose the one-kind-design. This pattern could be inspired by your material or a favorite motif. Because of our highly specialized computer equipment, we are able to take your quilting concept and enhance your project with your personal touch. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination.
Custom Pantographs: $.02 - $.045 per square inch.

Custom Blocks, Borders and Sashes
Individual designs can be placed in a block. This could be the same design in multiple blocks or a unique design in each. Custom borders can be mixed with Edge-to-Edge, Custom Pantograms or Custom Blocks.
Custom Blocks, Borders and Sashes: $.02 - $.045 per square inch.