Quilt Background

There are many parts and considerations in figuring the price for having a project quilted. Our Order Form is meant to be a guide to help you estimate associated costs. Details and description for items on the Order Form are found here:

Step 1: Measure for size

The first thing you must do to calculate pricing is measure your quilt top: width in inches X length in inches. This is your total square inches.
There is a minimum fee of $50 for any quilting project.

Step 2: Pick your pattern

•Simple Edge-to-Edge - $.015 per square inch
Larger, loose patterns

•Complex Edge-to-Edge - $.02 per square inch
Designs with tight quilting patterns

Custom Pantographs - $.02 - $.045
All custom work is based on degree of detail and will require consultation for final pricing.

Custom Blocks, Borders & Sashes - $.02 - $.045
All custom work is based on degree of detail and will require consultation for final pricing.

Step 3: Choose your batting

You may send batting or choose from ours: $.25 per linear inch plus $2.50 (required overage).
Hobbs 100% cotton, Hobbs 80/20 Heirloom or Hobbs low loft polydown.
We reserve the right to refuse customer batting if it is not suitable for a quality finished quilt. For example, dirty or pieced batting.

Step 4: Choose your thread

Solid color, $5 per quilt. Varigated, $7 per quilt.
Superior Brand - Superior King Tut

Step 5: Prepare your backing

To be supplied by you. Include backing material that measures at least 8 inches wider and longer than your quilt top. Please piece your backing or we can piece it for you. Be aware there will be an extra fee (to be determined) for this service.
We do not accept bed sheets for backing material due to the high thread count of sheet fabric.

Step 6: Iron your quilt and backing material

Anything other than touch-up pressing will be charged $20.

Step 7: Miscellaneous considerations

All quilts are custom to varying degrees. If your quilt has some special attribute not mentioned, we'll discuss associated fees in advance. For example, there will be an extra fee for centering backing patterns.

Step 8: Is this a rush order?

Any project quilted ahead of the normal order of scheduled work: call for quote.

Step 9: Shipping/Insurance

Insurance is recommended for shipping all projects. You will determine the amount of insurance for return shipping. We only charge actual costs for shipping and insurance.

Step 10: Final Pricing

This list and Order Form are meant as a guide to estimating your quilting price. Before beginning your project, we will contact you with a final price and estimate for deliver. We must receive all final payments prior to shipping finished quilt.